Saturday, 12 October 2013

Today's Poet: Francisca STOCKLIN (1894 - 1931)

I received a great deal of help from Penelope Monkhouse, a German-British scientist who lives in Germany.  Penelope is the granddaughter of novelist, dramatist and literary critic Allan Monkhouse.
Penelope is currently working on a comparative study of German and English poetry of the early 20th Century.   She also writes poetry and translates poetry to and from German and English.

I am indebted to Penelope who kindly sent me biographical details of the Swiss poet Francisca Stocklin - today's featured poet.

Francisca was born in Basle in 1894.  She was a painter and lithographer.  In early 1914, Francisca travelled with her brother to Munich, returning to Switzerland when war broke out.

After the First World War, Francisca married Harry Betz and the couple travelled in France, Germany and Italy.  They divorced in 1928.  Francisca died in Basle in 1931.   She had two poetry collections published - "Gedichte in Bern in 1920 and "Die singende Muschel, in Zurich in 1925.  She also wrote novellas and prose poetry.

Switzerland remained neutral in WW1.  Due to the country's neutral state and geographical position, it was of extreme importance to both sides for purposes of diplomacy, commerce and espionage.

Photo:  Swiss Troops at the German Border