Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Claire Goll (1890 - 1977) - GERMAN

With grateful thanks to Penelope Monkhouse of Schwetzinger, Germany who compiled and translated the following information for me.

Claire Goll (1890 Nuremberg – 1977 Paris), née Liliane Clarisse Aischmann, was a writer, poet and journalist, daughter of Josef Aischmann, a hops dealer. 
She married her first husband, the publisher Heinrich Studer (1889-1961) in 1911 and lived in Leipzig. The couple had a daughter in 1912, but divorced in 1916. 
Claire emigrated to Switzerland in 1916, studied at Geneva University and, as a pacifist, was active in the peace movement. In 1917 she met the poet Yvan Goll, whom she married in 1921 in Paris. 
In between Claire had a relationship with Rainer Maria Rilke and the two remained in contact until his death in December 1926. 
Her poetry collection Mitwelt and a volume of stories Die Frauen erwachen appeared in 1918. She later published novels, stories and poems in French; Poèmes d'amour (1925), Poèmes de la jalousie (1926) and Poèmes de la vie et de la mort were written together with Yvan Goll as Wechselgesang der Liebe

Both Claire and Yvan were of Jewish origin and went into exile to New York in 1939. They returned to Paris in 1947, where Yvan died in 1950.  Claire died in Paris in 1977.

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Photo:  Claire Goll in Paris, 1924 from Google Images