Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Seeking information about the poet Greta Briggs

In "Other Men's Flowers", an anthology of poems selected by Lord Wavell, a poem entitled "London under Bombardment" by Greta Briggs is included. Does anyone know anything about Greta Briggs please?

I imagine the poem was probably written about the London Blitz in WW2 but the words could equally refer to the aerial bombardments of London during WW1.  

Les Highton very kindly replied as follows:

'The Western Morning News and Daily Gazette 14/8/1939: “Miss Greta Briggs has a vigorous and invigorating poem on wireless in the home,"voices of the void".  This goes on to mention Celandine Publishing Company, "The Poet" Summer Number Vol. 111; No. 6 May-June 1939. '

Les is very kindly looking into this further - thank you very much Les.

I found a couple of mentions of a Greta Briggs on the Free BMD website and I wondered which of them is the Greta Briggs whose poem is included in Wavell's anthology?

If I manage to find out, I will let you know.