Wednesday, 7 May 2014

London Conference 'Languages and The First World War', British Library Conference Centre, 20th June 2014

And from Dr Margaret Stetz from Delaware University:

"Booking for the London day of the 'Languages and First World War' Conference 
which is to be held at the British Library Conference Centre on the 20th June is 
now open at:

Speakers at the London day include Professor Lynda Mugglestone (Oxford), 
Professor Krista Cowman (Lincoln), Professor Rachel Cowgill (Cardiff), Professor 
Hilary Footitt (Reading), Professor Maguerite Helmers (Wisconsin), Professor 
Robert Hampson (RHUL), Professor Veronique Duche and Ms Diane de Saint Leger 
(Melbourne), Professor Koenraad Du Pont (Leuven), Professor Geert Buelens 
(Utrecht), Julie Wheelwright (City Universirty), Drs Ann-Marie Einhaus and 
Katherine Baxter (Northumbria), Dr Gavin Bowd (St Andrews), Dr Liz Treacher 
(Sutherland), Franziska Heimburger (EHESS), Nick Milne (Ottawa), Ifor ap Gyn 
(Cwmni Da Productions) and Jonnie Robinson, The British Library.

The conference aims to study change within languages and how languages 
influenced each other during the First World War and afterwards; to provide 
scope for discussing commonality of experience; to consider trench slang, 
censorship of letters home, interpreting, the role of the press, the role of 
swearing to both include and exclude and how conflict is expressed in literature 
and propaganda.  We hope the study of the war through language is an innovative 
approach and one which will give rise to new ways of looking at the conflict.
The booking page for London also gives links to the tumblr page which is 
dedicated to the conference and where more details of the papers to be presented 
in London can be found.

Links to the programme and booking details for the first day of the conference 
(to be held at the University of Antwerp on the 18th June) will also appear on 
the tumblr page.  Booking is being kept separate so that delegates have the 
chance to book for both days of the conference or just one of the days depending 
on their schedule.

We would also be grateful if you could circulate details to colleagues whom you 
think might be interested in attending.

With kind regards,
Robert Davies
Engagement Support Officer (Social Sciences)
The British Library"