Saturday, 22 June 2013

22nd June 2013

My thanks to Bairbre O'Hagan who is currently researching Winifred M. Letts.  Bairbre can be contacted on

Bairbre's help is invaluable and I am very grateful to Bairbre for contacting me.

And thank you to William Grace, Library Manager at the Tyrrell Historical Library of the Beaumont Public Library System.

This morning I have been trying to find a female poet from Newfoundland.  I had not realised that Newfoundland did not join Canada until after the Second World War, consequently I have spent the morning immersed in Newfoundland WW1 history and it is very, very moving.

I managed to find one poet - Georgiana Cooper (1885 - 1980) - thanks to the website and I have sent out my usual, numerous e-mails and letters to try to find out more.

Looking at the cemeteries in France dedicated to the memory of the Newfoundlanders who died during WW1 reminded me of the vastness of the sacrifice.

We really do owe it to all those who served never to forget their sacrifice.


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