Wednesday 3 October 2018

Remembering WW1 female poet Nadja (1895 - 1934) on the 84th anniversary of her death

Today (Wednesday, 3rd October 2018) marks the 84th anniversary of the death of WW1 poet Nadja. 

Born Louisa Nadia Green in Hampstead, UK in 1893, during the First World War, Nadja published three volumes of her poetry to be sold in aid of St. Dunstan's Home for Blind Soldiers (now called Blind Veterans UK) and The Star and Garter Home for Disabled Soldiers. 

In 1922, Nadja married Italian Marquess Pier Malacrida de Saint-August. She died in a motor car accident on her way home to London on Wednesday, 3rd October 1934.

Nadja is included in "Female Poets of the First World War: Volume Two" on pages 34 - 37).

Nadja's WW1 poetry collections were:  

 "Love and War: poems by Nadja" (Humphreys, London 1915)

"For Empire, and other poems" (Humphreys, London, 1916); and 

"The full heart: poems by Nadja" (Humphreys, London, 1919).

With thanks to Professor Brian Murdoch of Stirling University for bringing the work of Nadja to my attention.

In memory of Nadja, we planted a Malmaison Rose which was her favourite flower.

You can find out more about Nadja, who was a member of the 'social elite' in the UK during the 1920s and 1930s here: