Acknowledgements Commemorative Exhibition Project

I am very grateful indeed for all the help I have received since I began in March 2012 and that I continue to receive with my on-going commemorative exhibition project.  Please forgive me if I have left anyone out.

First and foremost I have to thank Paul Breeze, who edits my work and prepares it for printing and publishing, for his endless patience and genius;

Dean Johnson of The Wilfred Owen Story in Argyle Street, Birkenhead, Wirral, UK and Janet Holmes of the WOS and Rathbone Studio, Argyle Street, Birkenhead, Wirral, UK - for asking me to research for exhibitions at the WOS and who kindly displayed the panels;

and for their constant help and encouragement with this self-funded project:

Sue Light of Scarlet Finders

The British Red Cross Archive Department

Matt Jacobsen of 

Terry Bunn

Jo Killmister

Bairbre O’Hogan

Colin Woodbine

Roger Quinn (Harold and Janet Begbie)

Roger Cooper (Rosaleen Graves)

Chris O’Hara, musician/composer

David Windle, Musical Director, Blackpool Tower Circus

Chris Spriet – editor of “We aged 100 years” WW1 poetry anthology

Parks Art Deco Café, Blackpool

Salford Museum and Art Gallery

Annette Shelford

David Reynolds

Sarah Colgrave

Frank Harvey

Diana Jones

Roy Dalling

Dawn Dyer

Richard Bartle

Sheena Gaskell

“The Wirral Globe”

“The Times”

"The Guardian"

"The Liverpool Echo"

“The Daily Mail”

Angela Duffy of Vertu Antiques, Hoylake

Phil Dawes

Dorothy Clare

Debbie Cameron – researcher and of the Facebook Group

Jane Crossen -  researcher

Stanley Kaye of the Facebook Group World War One Remembered:

Stephen J. Cribari

Pierre Virey

Dr. Margaret Stetz - Mae and Robert Carter Professor of Women's Studies and Professor of Humanities at the University of Delaware, USA

Mark Samuels Lasner 

Tim Paci

Mario Malacrida

Carol Acton

Callan Chevin

Ciaran Conlan

Tony Smith

Yvon Davis

Marianne Février

Mary Sky Mac

Michael Sharkey, Editor of "Many such as She" Anthology)

Martin Zieren

Kurt W. Drobeck

Auriel C. Drobeck Condon

Geoff Harrison

Cathy Sedgwick

Sue Robinson of Wenches in Trenches, The Roses of No Man’s Land

Marc Carlson

Joel Baetz

Ian Inglis of The Mobile Military Museum, Scotland

John Dennison and Caz of

Michael Shankland researching sea poetry of WW1 and Facebook Page

Faye Threlfall

Mary Rose Gaunt

Dawn Heuston

Claire Faulkner

Johan R. Ryheul

William Bulcke

Wolfgang Paland

Takis Liakopoulos

Marion Devoy, researcher/historian

Clara Abrahams, May Wedderburn Cannan’s Grand-daughter, who has now set up a website dedicated to May:

Eleonora Padovani, writer

Elena Branca of the Italian Red Cross

Vivien Newman, writer

Anne Powell

Cecil Woolf of Cecil Woolf Publishing

Jean Moorcroft-Wilson

Deb Fisher of the Siegfried Sassoon Fellowship

Joy Breeze

John Barnes of the Royal British Legion, Old Trafford Branch

Nga Tapuwae NZ First World War Trails

English Language Verse

The Great War Doughboy Search: American World War One Veterans

Colin Branfoot Reeves

Richard and Sheila of The Devil’s Porridge Museum to the Memory of Munitions Workers, Gretna

Mrs J. Kingsland, Archivist, Downe House School

Jenny Bartlett, Librarian, North London Collegiate School

Kelly Jones, Archivist at Wimbledon High School

Jane Rooney of the Huyton College Old Girls’ Guild Committee

Mrs J. Kingsland, Archivist at Downe House School, Berkshire

Andrew Thornton author of books about the South Staffordshire Regiments and

Vanessa Lavallé

Timo Galzer

Jurgen Verhulst

Clive Barrett

Dominic Sheridan of the Australian Great War Poetry Facebook Group and weblog

Professor Brian Murdoch

Dr. Ian Olson

Jacky Rodgers

Vicki Lovell

Steve Cloutier

Dave Waite – Sir John Nelthorpe School

Lucy Beney – Godolphin School

Rachel Hassall – Sherborne School

Sherborne School for Girls - Dorothy Goldsack

Downe House – Jennifer Kingsland, Archivist

Wimbledon High – Kelly Jones, Archivist

Rossall School – Anton Maree

Clifton College – Dr. C.S. Knighton

North London Collegiate – Jenny Bartlett, Librarian

Huyton College – Jane Rooney

Steve Millward – Royal Worcester Grammar School and Alice Ottley School for Girls

Oundle School – Elspeth Langsdale, Oundle School Archivist and

Mrs Kerr-Dineen, Head Teacher – Oundle School

Sue James – Sutton High School Archivist and History Teacher

Bill Hamilton for permission to use the poems written by Eric Arthur Blair (George Orwell)

Tim Kermode

Marielle Stockton and
Dr. Laura Laffrado of the American Western Washington University, Bellingham, Washington, USA

Robert and Sue Vernede (R.E. Vernede)

Maria Coates

Alan Hewer

Keith Johnson and Gwyneth Westbury-Jones (Frederick Owlett's grandchildren)

Sharon Casey (Arthur Lewis Jenkins)

Professor Ian Higgins,

Tim and Peter Kermode

Sergio Sbalchiero (for inspiration, help and advise with artists of WW1 and in particular people who served on the Italian Front)

Rosie Crofts 

Helen Roberts of the Map of Australia Trust for restoring the WW1 Map of Australia in Compton Chamberlayne, Wiltshire, UK

Jurgen Verhulst

Mary Sky Mac

Connie Ruzich

Ian Higgins who has translated French poetry of the First World War

AC  Benus author, poet, translator and historian