Friday 31 May 2013

Thank you

My grateful thanks to  Dr K. McLoughlin of Oxford for suggesting that I contact Utrecht University and for her support for the project;

Dr. E. Stronks, Dr. Birgit Kaiser and Hubert van den Berg of Utrecht University for their most helpful ideas;

Dr. Geert Buelens of Utrecht University for sending me the link to his wonderful book -

which is definitely on my wish list!


Dr Kristine Horner, Reader in Luxembourgish Studies at the University of Sheffield.

Not forgetting

Karen Tengbergen-Moyes from the Journal of Dutch Literature for her kind help with my project.  Check out the website

Thank you all so much - your help is very much appreciated.   I shall now go back to researching!


Tuesday 28 May 2013


Thank you to Matt Jacobsen of the fascinating and informative website about Old Magazine Articles -

Matt has been extremely supportive and I am very grateful indeed for his help.

Thank you to Sonia Bidwell, the Textile Artist/Storyteller from Scotland, who has also been extremely supportive of my project.  Sonia's work can be viewed on

Thank you to Paul Breeze for finding me so many poets from other countries involved in WW1. Paul is also very supportive of the project. To see what Paul does have a look at and - where poets can enter an on-going competition.

and finally . . .

Thank you to The Times newspaper for their on-going discussion about the poetry of World War One. On 24th May 2013 they published a letter on their Letters Page that really captured my attention.  Sent in by Thomas Saunders from Cambridge, it mentions poetry as "first among all the arts" (quoting Kant).  How tempting to add "Discuss"!  Thank you Thomas and The Times.

Regards to all poetry lovers everywhere


Tuesday 21 May 2013

Exhibition of Female Poets of the First World War, The Ace Centre, Nelson, Lancashire, 15th August 2013 - 3rd September 2013

Preparing for the next Exhibition of Female Poets of the First World War: The Ace Centre, Nelson, Lancashire in August 2013

The Ace Centre is in the centre of the busy East Lancashire town of Nelson and it is a modern building with a great deal to offer including a cinema/theatre, conference rooms, exhibition area, recording studio, dance studios, banqueting suite and bistro.

We went along one afternoon to see how the exhibitions panels would fit in.   As you can see, there was an exhibition on show when we went - textiles - and it looked very good.

The Ace Centre is in Cross Street, near the Library and the new War Memorial and if you have never visited Nelson well it is definitely worth a visit with lots of little shops and cafes to discover. You also have the majestic Pendle Hill, scene of the Witch Trials, in the background so a visit to the area is definitely a 'must'.

The Exhibition will be at the Ace Centre from 15th August 2013 until 3rd September 2013, Monday - Saturday, 10 am - 4 pm but not Bank Holidays.

Monday 20 May 2013


Huge THANK YOU to Sonia Bidwell for her continuing support and encouragement and for suggesting some poets I had not yet found - from Italy and Russia.

and to Peter Parsley from Belgium for finding a photo of Marie Nizet.   Peter writes poetry too - find out more on Poems from Peter G. Parsley on Facebook.

Thank you both.

20th May 2013

Thursday 16 May 2013


My grateful thanks to Sonia Bidwell the Textile Artist/Storyteller who contacted me following my letter in "The Times" of 7th May.   Sonia's work sounds really wonderful and I can't wait to see it and hear her stories.  Find out more on

Grateful thanks to Clive Bettington of the Isaac Rosenberg Statue Appeal for his continued support and advice - further information re the Appeal on  I am hoping to be able to hear one of Clive's talks before too long.  Thank you to Bernard Wynick of the Rosenberg Statue Appal and writer Jean Liddiard who also contacted me at Clive's request.

Grateful thanks to Seki Kotavo from Japan for his kind help.

Grateful thanks to Dean Echenberg for getting in touch and telling me about his website -

Grateful thanks to Dr. Ian Olson of Aberdeen for his kind assistance and telling me about Mary Symon and where to find other Scottish poets -

Grateful thanks to Michael Halewood of the Antiquarian Bookshop on Friargate in Preston, to Eric Carpenter of the Australian War Memorial and The Editor at Romanian Studies in London.

Thank you all very much indeed - your help and advice is invaluable and much appreciated.

Wednesday 1 May 2013

Latest thanks

Thank you so much to the lovely people at Furry Tails Charity Shop in Garden Street, St. Annes-on-the-Sea in Lancashire, who rooted round and found me some very interesting and relevant poetry books.   Thank you!

Lucy London
1st May 2013