Tuesday, 28 May 2013


Thank you to Matt Jacobsen of the fascinating and informative website about Old Magazine Articles - www.oldmagazinearticles.com

Matt has been extremely supportive and I am very grateful indeed for his help.

Thank you to Sonia Bidwell, the Textile Artist/Storyteller from Scotland, who has also been extremely supportive of my project.  Sonia's work can be viewed on www.spanglefish.com/abhrasstudio

Thank you to Paul Breeze for finding me so many poets from other countries involved in WW1. Paul is also very supportive of the project. To see what Paul does have a look at www.poshupnorth.com and www.pendlewarpoetry.com - where poets can enter an on-going competition.

and finally . . .

Thank you to The Times newspaper for their on-going discussion about the poetry of World War One. On 24th May 2013 they published a letter on their Letters Page that really captured my attention.  Sent in by Thomas Saunders from Cambridge, it mentions poetry as "first among all the arts" (quoting Kant).  How tempting to add "Discuss"!  Thank you Thomas and The Times.

Regards to all poetry lovers everywhere