Thursday, 16 May 2013


My grateful thanks to Sonia Bidwell the Textile Artist/Storyteller who contacted me following my letter in "The Times" of 7th May.   Sonia's work sounds really wonderful and I can't wait to see it and hear her stories.  Find out more on

Grateful thanks to Clive Bettington of the Isaac Rosenberg Statue Appeal for his continued support and advice - further information re the Appeal on  I am hoping to be able to hear one of Clive's talks before too long.  Thank you to Bernard Wynick of the Rosenberg Statue Appal and writer Jean Liddiard who also contacted me at Clive's request.

Grateful thanks to Seki Kotavo from Japan for his kind help.

Grateful thanks to Dean Echenberg for getting in touch and telling me about his website -

Grateful thanks to Dr. Ian Olson of Aberdeen for his kind assistance and telling me about Mary Symon and where to find other Scottish poets -

Grateful thanks to Michael Halewood of the Antiquarian Bookshop on Friargate in Preston, to Eric Carpenter of the Australian War Memorial and The Editor at Romanian Studies in London.

Thank you all very much indeed - your help and advice is invaluable and much appreciated.