Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Acknowledgements and another book

Thank you to Penelope Monkhouse from Germany for her very valuable and much appreciated continued support and advice.

Hello and thank you to Julia O'Connell for contacting me.  Julia is an artist with an interest in female British poets of WW1 - find out more herewww.juliaoconnell.co.uk

Julia also runs The Shop Front Theatre in Coventry - which sounds amazing - www.theatreabsolute.co.uk    (And yes, I have asked if they'd be interested in putting on a performance or performances of "Bullets and Daffodils" the Wilfred Owen musical drama.)

Thank you to Daniel of the Centenary News Website for putting up a posting about the Fleetwood Exhibition - http://www.centenarynews.com/article?id=1094

And the book I am now busy searching for is called "A History of Twentieth Century Women's Poetry".  It is by Jane DOWSON and Alice ENTWISTLE, published by Cambridge University Press, Cambridge in 2005 with the ISBN Number 0521 81946 6

Why has no-one mentioned this fantastic work before?!

I was just about to publish the "List of Poets so far" - now I have 32 more names to check and that is only for British poets!