Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Today's Poet is Welsh

Alice Helena Alexandra Williams (1863 - 1957) was born in Wales.   She was a poet, artist and philanthropist and during the First World War she worked for the French Wounded Emergency Fund and went to Paris with some of her friends to help people who were trying to find injured and missing relatives and refugees.   The extent to which life was disrupted for those who lived in the area fought over on the Western Front cannot be imagined by those of us who live in the British Isles.   Families were separated and many civilians were killed, injured and displaced so Alice's work would have been invaluable.

I have been searching for a Welsh Poet for some considerable time and I am very grateful indeed to Stephen Thomas of Other Roads Films (based in Wales) for taking the time and trouble to bring Alice Helena Alexandra to my attention.   She sounds amazing and I am looking forward very much to finding out more about her.