Monday, 7 October 2013

Today's Poet - Georgiana Cooper - Newfoundland

In 1914, Newfoundland was independent of the rest of Canada and a separate member of the British Empire and did not join until 1949.   Almost 12,000 Newfoundlanders enlisted in all branches of the forces, including women who joined the Voluntary Aid Detachment and went to serve abroad.   A further 3,296 Newfoundlanders joined the Canadian Expeditionary Force.

Back in Newfoundland, women joined the Women's Patriotic Association, meeting five days a week to knit, sew, pack bandages, etc. for the war effort.

Georgiana Cooper (1885 - 1980) was born in Inglewood Forest.  The family moved to Random Head when Mr Cooper was appointed lighthouse keeper there.

In 1905 the family moved to St. Johns.   During WW1, Georgiana was superintendent of a convalescent home for veterans of the War.

After the War, Georgiana and her sister ran a boarding house in St. Johns.   Georgiana died in 1980.

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