Friday, 8 November 2013

Australian Poets

Thank you to Clare Gervasoni and Michael Taffe in Australia for helping me to find several more names to add to the list of Australian poets I had already found -

Nettie Palmer ((1885 - 1964)
Elizabeth Scott (1833 - 1948)
Mary Wyatt (? - 1941)

And while I was researching those poets, I found twelve more Australian poets who are not on my list!

And thank you to the Administrators of the lovely Facebook page Mud, Mining, Medals which has so much interesting information - who have also been extremely kind.

I shall add these new Australian women poets to the list and hope to publish a revised list shortly.

Photo of an Australian billet during WW1 near Ypres. An Imperial War Museum photograph taken by WW1 photographers Frank Hurley and George Wilkins.