Saturday, 30 November 2013

Fleetwood Library, Fleetwood, Lancashire, UK - 29th November 2013

Keen writers from Cleveleys Writers Group (Susan Pugh - Chair, Malcom Brocklehurst - President, David Neal - The Codgers Poet - and Stan), David Riley an author from Blackpool, Elaine Edwards, a Curator from The National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh and Sylvia joined us at Fleetwood Library to read some poems and talk about war in general and WW1 in particular.

Dawn Spooner from Fleetwood Library very kindly supplied the group with tea/coffee and biscuits which was very welcome.

David Riley started proceedings by reading "To Helen" a poem by soldier poet Edward Thomas who was killed in the same battle (Arras) and on the same day (9th April 1917) as my Great-Uncle James.

David had visited the Exhibition of Female Poets, Inspirational Women and Fascinating Facts of the Great War at Fleetwood Library earlier in the month and wrote a very nice review:

David's review has brought in e-mails from around the world - thank you David.

Susan, Malcolm, Stan and David Riley all read poems they had written and David persuaded Elaine to read one of his poems written from a women's point of view.

Susan's poem was about the sea front at Fleetwood, Malcolm's, entitled "Silent Night 1914 ... A Winter's Tale" was about the Truce on Christmas Eve 1914.  Malcolm also read a poem written by a Fleetwood High School pupil.

Elaine told everyone about the National Museums of Scotland's plans for the coming Centenary Commemorative years, including exhibitions about 'next of kin' and 'the symbolism of the poppy'.

Stan read a poem about WW1 written in Lancashire Dialect.

Sylvia started a lively discussion about some of the books she has been reading and David Neal brought along a copy of his recent publication"Lens and Lines", featuring 'staged themed images' by photographer Nicola J. McKenna and poems by David B. Neal.   This is available as an e-book from David's website or by find out more by sending an e-mail to

Dawn mentioned that the exhibition, which has to finish today - 30th November 2013 - had attracted a lot of interest and several people had asked about the accompanying book - Female Poets of the First World War Volume 1 - details:

Fleetwood Library organise lots of interesting events - "there is more to Libraries than books"

Fleetwood Library
North Albert Street

Photographs by Paul Breeze.

Top:  Group discussion

Middle:  Elaine reading David Neal's poem

Left:  Lucy checking on the exhibition panels at Fleetwood Library, Fleetwood, Lancashire, UK, November 2013.