Friday, 20 December 2013

Elsie Janis - American (1889 - 1956)

It seems that I shall have to add Elsie Janis - one of my "Inspirational Women of WW1" - to the list of American poets.

Elsie wrote several anthologies of poems in her long and illustrious career as a talented music-hall entertainer, actress, film star (both silent and talking), film producer, film director, screenwriter and writer.

One of Elsie's poems was dedicated to the Troops of the American Expeditionary Force who she went to entertain on The Western Front in 1917.

The poem is entitled "Lest we Forget!" which surely earned Elsie the title "The Sweetheart of the AEF".

After WW1, Elsie toured with a show called "Elsie Janis and her Gang in a Bomb-Proof Review" which featured former soldiers, nurses and other WW1 workers.

Originally from Ohio, Elsie moved to Los Angeles where she died in 1956.