Sunday, 29 December 2013

Nancy Cunard - British

NANCY CUNARD (1896 - 1965)

During the First World War, Nancy remained in London where she and her friends the poet Iris Tree and Diana Manners dealt with their fear of losing precious friends who enlisted, and the terror of air raids at home by dressing up in their finery and partying with a capital P. The girls also volunteered for war work in canteens, worked tirelessly for charities and raised funds for the war effort. They had friends who confided their secret fears to the girls before going off to war, their worst fear being not having a proper burial due to being blown to bits.   Undoubtedly the War had a profound effect on Nancy’s writing, as well as taking its toll on her health.

Sources:  GORDON, Lois.- “Nancy Cunard Heiress, use, Political Idealist” (Columbia University Press, Chichester, 2007).

WW1 poster urging women to do their bit.