Friday, 3 January 2014

Bing Xin - China

BING XIN (1900 – 1999) – CHINA

I have included Bing Xin in this project in order to illustrate the role of China in the First World War.   The Chinese Labour Corps was created by the British Government in order to work behind the scenes and thus leaving the troops to get on with the fighting.

Bing Xin, who is featured in Female Poets of the First World War Volume 1, was born on 5th December 1900 in Fuzhou, Fujan,, China.  Her family moved to Shandong when she was four years old.   In 1913, they moved to Beijing where she wrote for her school magazine and published her first novel.

After a long and distinguished career as a writer, Bing Xin died in Beijing on 28th February 1999.

“The mirror
Reflects me face to face.
However, I feel it to be unnatural.
Better to turn it around!”

From “Infinite Stars” by Bing Xin, first published in 1921.