Saturday, 25 January 2014

Canadian Poets of WW1, Constance Ada Renshaw and Nadja Malacrida

Thank you to Christine from Sudbury, Ontario, Canada - who came second in the Overseas Section of the 2013 International Pendle War Poetry Competition.   Christine very kindly sending me a wonderful anthology of Canadian WW1 poetry, which I am reading through with great enjoyment.

"Canadian poets of the Great War", edited by William Douw Lighthall and published by BiblioLife, LLC.  This is a reproduction of the anthology first published in 1918 by the Royal Society of Canada.

I receive a great deal of help from different people for which I am truly grateful and for which I would like to say a really big THANK YOU.   With your help I hope to be able to find, write about and share poems with you of many of the lesser-known women who wrote poetry during the First World War.

This is very much an on-going project.  Just yesterday while I was looking for some poems written by Constance Ada Renshaw to send to Pierre in France, when I found another WW1 female poet I had not heard of - NADJA MALACRIDA.   I am now searching for biographical information about Nadja as well as examples of her poems.

I will do my best to bring further information to you as soon as possible.

If anyone knows anything about either Constance Ada Renshaw or Nadja Malacrida that is not available on the Internet, please get in touch.   Thank you.