Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Eva Jones - "Some Mother's Son" May 1916

My friend Dorothy has given me a press cutting about a CD featuring poetry and prose written by women about WW1 and I am hoping to bring you a review of this shortly.

Dorothy also sent me a copy of a poem take from her Grandmother's autograph book.  The poem is called "Some Mother's Son" and it was signed "Eva Jones, May 1916".   Dorothy wonders whether Eva Jones wrote the poem or whether she just copied it out.   If anyone has any information, please let me know.

Some Mother's Son

A little hillock of blood-soaked clay
A little cross raised but yesterday
Beneath sleeps a hero - some Mother's son
Honoured in death by Victory won.

He had given his life in that great fight
His cause was the Motherland's Honour and Right
He had fallen with others so noble and brave
And is sleeping tonight in a soldier's grave.

A fond Mother waits for her darling boy
Ready to welcome her pride and joy
But those dear eyes will watch in vain
For her brave lad will never return.

Only memories for ever will stay
Of the loved one who sleeps in that land far away.
A cross marks the lone spot where death again won
And another young victim was some Mother's son.

Eva Jones, May 1916

Photo:  WW1 Band retraining as stretcher bearers