Saturday, 4 January 2014

Marie Nizet - Belgium

I have tried to include poets from as many countries of the world as possible in this project.  I am still looking for a woman poet from Luxembourg, Thailand and African countries.   If anyone knows of any, please get in touch so that we can let their voices be heard.

Great Britain entered the First World War because Belgium was invaded by German troops and we had given an undertaking in order to preserve Belgium's neutrality that we would defend her should she be invaded (Treaty of London 1839).

Marie Nizet is so far the only poet I have found from Belgium who was alive during the First World War.  Having mentioned Belgium and a Belgian Secret Agent on today, I felt I ought to mention a Belgian poet here.

Mariet was born in Brussels in 1859.  Her Father worked at the Royal Library in Belgium.  While studying in Paris, Marie met some fellow students from Romania which kindled her interest in Romanian mythology.  At the age of 19, Marie published her first book "Captain Vampire".   She married and had a son, divorced and brought her son up alone.   Marie died in Etterbeek in 1922.

With grateful thanks to Peter Parsley who lives in Belgium who found the photograph of Marie Nizet for me.