Wednesday, 16 April 2014

"Other Men's Flowers" An anthology of Poems selected by Lord Wavell

Michael "Bully" of the Great War Forum website is very supportive of my project.   I have to say thank you to Michael for telling me about "Other Men's Flowers" which is an anthology of poems selected and annotated by Field-Marshal Lord Wavel (1883 - 1950), a professional soldier who was wounded at Ypres, where he lost the sight of an eye.

The anthology was published by Pimlico, London in 1944, republished in 1952 and 1992 and it is delightful - if, like me, you enjoy reading poetry anthologies as much as other forms of literature.

Several poems written by women have been included and I will be doing some more research so as to bring you more information but I can tell you now that one of the poems - "The English War" - is by Dorothy L. Sayers, one of the poets on my list.  Dorothy is perhaps better know for her novels featuring the detective Lord Peter Wimsey.

Thank you Michael.