Friday, 6 June 2014

6th June 2014 - Remembering the 70th Anniversary of D-Day

I just received this from an American friend and just had to share it with you on this day of Remembrance -

A different war, but a female poet; I thought that you might enjoy this.” Mary, 6th June 2014


Somewhere in France he is sleeping
Under sacred Normandy's moon
Our hero whose flower of manhood
Was shipped off for heaven last June.

There in the green of the hillside
They laid him beside his men;
Nothing shall shatter his slumber
No one shall hurt him again.

Winds sigh the chant of his requiem
Moonlight illumines his cross;
Soft helpless rain like our teardrops
Echoes the pain of his loss.

Yet his is the truest triumph,
Death brings the perfect peace.
The living will always be militant
Till life and its struggles cease.

By: Sister Marcella of the Sisters of Mary, Binghampton, NY 1945

 Thank you so much Mary for sharing this with me.