Saturday, 14 June 2014

New WW1 Anthology - edited by Paul O'Prey

I am deeply grateful to Eve Khan who is the Antiques Correspondent of the New York Times for sending me details of a new anthology.

Edited by Paul O'Prey, a former President of the War Poets Association, the anthology features 15 of the poets who served during WW1 and includes some of the women who nursed in the various theatres of war during that period.

"First World War Poems from the Front" has a beautiful cover featuring red poppies - which everyone by now knows were designated as The Emblem of Remembrance of the First World War by Moina Belle Michael, an American poet, who was working for the YMCA in New York when the idea came to her after reading again John McCrae's poem "In Flanders Fields".

The volume has been published by the Imperial War Museum and costs £9.99.  Further details here:

Many thanks to Kate Crowther of the Imperial War Museum for her update on that and for the link to the IWM shop -