Sunday, 29 June 2014

Poetry written by School Children during after and about WW1

My grateful thanks to Kelly Jones of Wimbledon High School who sent me a fantastic number of poems, stories and illustrations concerning the poems and war efforts of pupils at the school during WW1.  These are very impressive.  I will process them and share them with you as soon as possible, as well as producing a panel for the exhibitions.


Emma Hattersley and Mrs Clarkson of the Godolphin School in Salisbury who also sent me a large number of poems written by pupils at that time.  Dorothy L. Sayers, who is perhaps better remembered for her prose but who also wrote poetry, was a former pupil of The Godolphin School, which she left in 1911.


John Barnes, Chairman of the Old Trafford Branch of the Royal British Legion, Greater Manchester, for giving me a copy of the poetry written recently by pupils of St. George's Primary School, Darlington Street, Tyldesley, Greater Manchester - great to see today's school children are also remembering WW1. I thought you might like to see this, so here is the link:

and to

Stanley Kaye of Peterborough (he of poppy see planting fame) who sends me regular suggestions for poets.

I have a large amount to go through, research and write up so I am not going to be bored.  If I did nothing else at all between now and June 2019 I still don't think I would have the complete picture.

Thank you all for your very valuable help with this project.