Thursday, 26 June 2014

Slight departure - Event celebrating the life of Isaac Rosenberg the WW1 soldier poet - Friday, 27th June at National Portrait Gallery, London at 18.30 BST

There is to be a Free Public Event at The National Portrait Gallery in London on Friday 27 June 2014 at 18.30 BST.

To view the full colour flyer click on the link to the website of The War Poets Association Website

The event is entitled "The Ballad of Whitechapel: A commemoration of the life and work of Isaac Rosenberg: the school boy, the soldier, the poet, the portrait painter" -

With grateful thanks to Stanley Kaye for bringing this to my attention.

For details of the appeal to raise funds to build a statue to the memory of Isaac Rosenberg, please see the website - the Chairman - Clive Bettington - has been very supportive of my project.