Saturday, 21 June 2014

Thank You

Stanley Kaye, who started the wonderful Facebook Group "Remembering World War One in 2014 One Hundred Years" several years ago with the aim of planting poppies the world over in Remembrance, is a regular supporter of my project.  Stanley has been in touch with me today giving me valuable information about WW1 poets and poetry.   I will go through everything asap  and report back to you.  In the meantime, here is an interesting link that Stanley sent me about a Conference held in Austria last year:

I would also like to say Hi and welcome to Sarah - hope you enjoy browsing Sarah and thank you so much for your invaluable help today.

And a huge thank you to Steve Cloutier from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada who sent me a parcel of photocopies of Canadian war poetry books which arrived this morning.

Thank you all so much - your support, help and advice is very much appreciated.

Photo:  Cornflowers by P. Breeze

Note:  Cornflowers, according to my French friends 'bluets', were originally the symbol of Remembrance in France where they grew in profusion among the wheat, corn and poppies of Flanders.  I understand they are now quite rare so I've been trying to find packets of seeds so as to bring them back.  Here are some I saw recently - to say "Hi" to all my friends over the Channel.  Cornflowers were also the favourite flower of my lovely friend Ann Fothergill Moss who sadly died many years ago but who is never forgotten.