Sunday, 23 November 2014

Aline Murray Kilmer (1888 - 1941) - American Poet

Aline was born on 1st August 1888 in Norfolk, Virginia.  Her parents were Ada Foster Murray, a poet, and Kenton C. Murray, who edited the “Norfolk Landmark” newspaper.

Aline’s Father died in 1895 and in 1900, her Mother remarried Henry Mills Alden who was the Managing Editor of “Harpers’ Magazine”.

Aline was educated at Rutgers College Grammar School, where she met her future husband, Joyce Kilmer.   Aline and Joyce were married on 9th June 1908.

When their daughter Rose contracted Polio, Joyce and Aline converted to the Roman Catholic faith.

After her husband’s death in the First World War, Aline had her first collection of poems published under the title “Candles that Burn” in 1919.  She continued to write poetry and also wrote children’s books.

Aline died in Stillwater Township, New Jersey on 1st October 1941.