Friday, 10 April 2015

International Conference on the Legacy of WW1, The Hague, The Netherlands, June 2015

News just in from Chris Spriet:  an exciting initiative is scheduled to take place in the historic city of The Hague in The Netherlands towards the end of June 2015.

An International Conference on THE LEGACY OF WORLD WAR ONE will be held from 22nd - 26th June. Participants will reflect on a wide range of subjects, exchanging and formulating thoughts and views on ways to remember the Great War today and in the years to come.

The Conference will feature a host of top specialists and authorities in several fields of research from over 20 countries worldwide.

Apart from being an occasion which offers ample opportunity for discovering new fields of research, the Conference will most certainly offer opportunities galore for finding and exchanging information on the different fields in which everyone is studying the legacy of that Tragedy of Tragedies that was and remains the First World War.

For further information and all details on the programme see: The e-mail address is

Chris Spriet
(one of the) keynote speaker(s) on the Conference   

"We aged a hundred years" ('Wij warden honderd ajar outer) is the title of Chris Spriet's WW1 Anthology, which I reviewed for my weblog in November 2013 -

The anthology title is the first line of the poem "In Memoriam, July 19, 1914" written by Russian poet Anna Akhmatova (1899 - 1966), which is featured on page 48 of the anthology.  Opposite, on page 49, Chris has translated Anna's poem into Dutch.