Saturday, 4 July 2015

Event celebrating the life and work of Winifred Holtby, Hull, 19th September 2015


A one day event celebrating the life of Winifred Holtby will be held on Saturday, 19th September 2015 from 10 am till 4 pm at Hull History Centre, Worship Street, Hull, HU2 8GB (UK).  £20 per person.

The day will include exhibitions by Hull History Centre and Somerville College, Oxford and the duo The Hull to Scarborough Line will perform Take Back your Freedom – the Life and Times of Winifred Holtby. Rudston Tourist Office is involved with plans for a tour of some Winifred Holtby related locations.

If sufficient interest is shown, the Winifred Holtby Association may be relaunched.

For further information and to register, please contact the organiser Gill Fildes on