Wednesday, 23 September 2015


Constance was born on 27th March 1891 in Sheffield, where she lived all her life.   Her parents were John William Renshaw (1861 – 1924) and Ada Johnson (1862 – 1935).   Constance was educated at the Central Secondary School in Sheffield and later attended Sheffield University.

 From 1913 until her retirement due to ill health in 1937, Constance was a teacher. From 1916 she worked at Sheffield City Grammar School, teaching a variety of subjects from music to English, Arithmetic to Needlework.  She also lectured to the students of Sheffield University on the importance of teaching English in schools.

 Constance died in Sheffield on 30th May 1964.
My grateful thanks to Clive Barrett whose Father-in-Law was one of Constance Ada Renshaw's pupils and who supplied me with a great deal of information about the poet.