Sunday, 13 March 2016

Evelyn Underhill (1875 – 1941) – British writer and poet

Evelyn was born on 6th December 1875 in Wolverhampton.   Her father was Arthur Underhill, a barrister and keen yachtsman, and her mother Alice Lucy Underhill, nee Ironmonger.

In 1901, Evelyn was listed on the Census as a ‘bookbinder’. She married Hubert Stuart Moore who was also a barrister in 1907.  They travelled extensively together.

Evelyn wrote and published a large number of books and was widely respected as an expert on theology.   Her WW1 Poetry Collection was “Theophanies A Book of Verses”, which was published by Dent in 1916, and her poems were published in nine First World War Poetry Anthologies.  Read some of Evelyn’s WW1 poetry here:
Evelyn lived through the Blitz on London in 1940, following which her health deteriorated.  She died on 15th June 1941 and is buried in the Churchyard Extension at St-John-in-Hampstead.

You can explore the relationship between Evelyn Underhill and another WW1 Female Poet, May Sinclair, in a new short article, 'Plunging into Reality'.  Describing the relationship and correspondence between Evelyn Underhill and May Sinclair the article has just been published on the Sinclair Society website -

The author, Alice Theobald, is an outstanding undergraduate student at the University of Oxford and has been researching modernist mysticism for her disertation.

There is also an Evelyn Underhill Association -