Friday, 2 August 2013

First World War Poets who nursed

My grateful thanks to Penelope Monkhouse in Germany for her hard work in finding German women poets, their poems and biographies.  With regard to German poets who nursed, Penelope has   

"found examples of H. Hardenberg´s poetry composed while working as a nurse. In her first poetry collection "Neigungen", published in 1918, there is a section called "Feinseligkeiten" with a series of poems in which she identifies with the suffering soldiers in her charge by speaking (imaginatively) in their voice.

There are also examples of using the soldier's voice in English women's poetry."

That is an extremely interesting and valuable point, definitely worthy of more research and discussion.
I have found several English and American women poets who nursed during WW1 and am currently looking for those of other nationalities, so Penelope's point is very valid.

I am deeply indebted to Penelope for her continuing support of the project.

Thanks also to Emma from Amsterdam for her help - Emma was the first person to get in touch with me regarding the project and her support is wonderful.