Tuesday, 6 August 2013

French Women Poets of WW1

If you have been following my weblog, you will know that I am constantly seeking out poets.

Thanks to Chris Spreit in Belgium, I began looking for a few more French women poets yesterday and in particular - Adrienne Blanc-Peridier, Henriette Charasson, Cevile Perin and Henriette Sauret.   Oh the joys of the Internet - as I searched, I found mention of a Professor D.G. Mole who had organised a Conference on the subject in America in 2007.

Professor Mole very kindly sent me this reply to my query - for which I am extremely grateful:

"Works by Goldberg, Higgins, and Higonnet and studies by Chevillot/Norris, Khan, and Reilly are all essential reading to help you with the exhibitions, but you can profitably consult too Fell/Sharp, Gilbert/Gubar, Grayzel, O'Brien, and Ouditt".

Apart from Higonnet, whose book "Lines of Fire" is amazing, Khan and Reilley (whose books I read when I first began researching), I had not heard of any of the other writers.

As they say, "il y a du pain sur la planche"!


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