Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Today's Poet: Agnita Feis (Holland) and acknowledgements

Today's poet is Agnita Feis from Holland.  Holland remained neutral during the First World War but mobilised their army because there was a fear that Germany might invade in the south of the country.

I should like to thank Michael Bully from the WFA Forum for his help with the project.  Michael has found two books about WW1 poems that I had not heard of - thank you Michael.

And also Suzanne Raitt, from America, who has been trying to find some of my 'lost sheep'.

Nelson in Lancashire has good road and rail connections.  By rail via Preston and change on to the Colne line - Nelson is the station between Brierfield and Colne.  The Ace Centre is in the town centre opposite the Town Hall and just a short walk from the station.

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