Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Today's Poet - Anna Akhmatova from the Ukraine

Representing Russia, Anna Akhmatova was born in 1889 in Bolshoy Fontan near Odessa, Ukraine and died in 1966 in Leningrad, Soviet Union.

Anna Akmatova was the pen name of Andreyevna Gorenko, who began writing poetry at the age of eleven and went on to become a popular poet.

In 1914, as the Russians mobilised their troops, the Germans invaded neutral countries Luxembourg and Belgium on their way to France,

The Russian army was successful on the Eastern Front against the Austro-Hungarians, but was stopped in its invasion of East Prussia by the Germans. 

When the Tsar's government collapsed in 1917 and Revolution followed, this brought the Russians to discuss terms for ending their war with the Central Powers.

The photo shows one of the Russian Women's Battalions in the First World War.  I am still trying to find the two Russian women poets who were also soldiers.   

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