Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Today's Poet: Jelena Spiridonovic Savic - Serbia

If you have been following my weblog and know the aims of the Poetry Exhibitions, you will know that I seek only to include as many countries involved in WW1 as possible in order to commemorate with sorrow the sacrifices made for our today.

Today's poet is Jelena Spiridonovic Savic from Serbia (1890 - 1974)

The Austro-Hungarian Empire invaded Serbia in late July 1914.   Serbia's victory at the Battle of Cer in August 1914 was the first victory for the Entente Powers in the First World War.

In all, Serbia lost 1,100,000 people during the War - civilians and military deaths.

For information about Flora Sandes, the English woman who fought for Serbia during WW1, please see

The Durham Branch of the Western Front Association are organising a conference - details shown.