Thursday, 8 August 2013

Today's 'Tweet' and 'lost sheep'

Today's poet is Cora Coralina from Brazil - (1889 - 1985).   Brazil declared war on Germany in 1917 -
in case you were wondering!

I have to say thank you to Lawrence Dunn who is compiling an anthology of women poets and artists of WW1.  Lawrence kindly drew my attention to some anomalies in my List of Poets, namely Emily Orr and Muriel Elsie Graham.   I had Emily down under British Poets and Muriel Elsie Graham under American poets with the dates 1909 - 1987.  Unfortunately I have mislaid my source and now realise that would be impossible as Muriel Elsie Graham's collection of poems entitled "Vibrations" was published in 1918 by Erskine Macdonald.

Erskine Macdonald, the publisher, is also worth looking at - apparently Wilfred Owen was warned by Monro of the Poetry Bookshop in London not to try to have any of his poems published by Erskine Macdonald because he had the reputation of taking advantage of young poets hoping to find outlets for their work ...

I shall put Emily Orr and Muriel Elsie Graham under a separate heading until I can find out more.  In the meantime, if anyone has any idea where I could find out more about these two poets, please do get in touch.  Thank you.


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