Sunday, 4 August 2013

Twitter ye not

I never thought I would do it but I have begun to tweet! (LucyLondon7).   I was trying to find something on the Internet about a lady called Evadne Price and the only person I could find was to be contacted via Twitter .

Then an idea came to me - I will go down my list of poets and tweet one each day.

For anyone interested in soldier poets, here is a link that has just been forwarded to me

which looks very good and mentions some poets I had not found previously - many thanks to Paul for that one and for his enduring support.

I am still looking for the two Russian women soldier poets I found mention of in the course of my research.

Today's Female Poet, incidentally, is Zoe Akins (1886 - 1958) an American, Pullitzer Prize-winning poet, playwright and author. For examples of her poetry, please see

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