Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Did Rosaleen Graves meet Wilfred Owen

I have been trying to discover whether Rosaleen Graves may have met Wilfred Owen.

To this end, I recently asked The Robert Graves Society Facebook Group whether Rosaleen attended the wedding of her brother, Robert, in London in 1918.  I have just received a lovely reply from Hilaire Wood, a Society member:

' According to Robert's father's diary, quoted by Richard Perceval Graves in The Assault Heroic, p 191: "We were almost the first arrivals but the church filled up. Family (Amy, I and six children, including Perceval and Susie but dear Roz had failed to get leave) CLG, Lily, Rosy... Miss North... and no end of others -" '

With grateful thanks to Hilaire Wood of The Robert Graves Society (Facebook Group) for her speedy response to my query.

It seems therefore that the paths of Rosaleen Graves and Wilfred Owen may not have crossed.

For the text of Robert Graves' poem "The Assault Heroic" please see http://www.bartleby.com/120/41.html

"Robert Graves - The Assault Heroic 1895 - 1926" by Richard Perceval Graves, published by Viking in 1987.