Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Eva Dobell - poet and VAD

Eva was born Eveline Jessie Dobell on 30th January 1876. Her father was Clarence Mason Dobell a wine merchant, her mother Emily Ann Duffield from Manchester and her uncle was the poet Sydney Dobell.  She was the youngest of three children.

Eva volunteered to join the Voluntary Aid Detachment during the First World War and, according to Nosheen Khan in her anthology "Women's Poetry of the First World War", Eva worked in several different hospitals during that time. 

Eva never married. She continued to write after the war and published several volumes of poetry and a play in verse.  She died in Cheltenham in 1963.

Patrick Dobell is listed as being the Literary Executor for Eva Dobell's estate.

I am currently carrying out research to find out more about Eva.  As her poetry is still in copyright this will include trying to contact Patrick Dobell.   There are several websites where Eva's WW1 poems can be viewed, including

I am also looking for a photograph of Eva.  Several come up on Google Images but I am not certain that any of them are Eva.   If anyone can help, please get in touch.#

Eva's WW1 poetry collections are listed as:
'A Bunch of Cotswold Grasses', Stockwell, 1919
'Verses new and old', Favil, P., 1959
Catherine W. Reilly's 'English Poetry of the First World War A Bibliography' (St. Martin's Press, New York, 1978)