Friday, 19 July 2013

Austria, Germany and Switzerland

I have just received a wonderful, informative e-mail from Penelope Monkhouse in Germany.

Penelope has given me the following list of poets which is fantastic and is just what I have been searching for.

I list the poets here and will add them to the Revised List shortly.   Thank you very much Penelope.

I am doing my best to prepare panels to send to the printers for the Exhibition at the Ace Centre on 15th August 2013 but have to admit that other interesting facts sometimes distract me.  It is good to have some variety though.


Paula LUDWIG (1900-1974)


Lou ALBERT-LAZARD (1885-1969)  mainly an artist, but wrote a little poetry
Emmy BALL-HENNINGS (1885-1948 married the DADA-poet Hugo Ball
Maria BENEMANN (1887-1980)
Trude BERNHARD (??)
Frida BETTINGEN (1865-1924)
Claire GOLL (1890 - 1977) à married the Franco-German poet Yvan Goll. They both wrote in German and French.
Henriette HARDENBERG (pseudonym of Margarete Rosenberg) (1894-1893)
Ricarda Octavia HUCH (1864 – 1947)  mainly a prose writer but also some poetry
Eleonore KALKOWSKA (1883-1937) (was half-Polish and wrote in both German and Polish)
Berta LASK (1978-1967)
Lola LANDAU (1892-1990)
Mechthilde LICHNOWSKY (1879-1958)
Elsabeth MEINHARD (??)
Else LASKER-SCHULER (1869-1945)
Hilde STIELER-MEYER (1879-1965)
Nell WALDEN (1887 – 1975)


Francisa Stöcklin (1894-1931)

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