Monday, 29 July 2013

A German poet who nursed during WW1

I enlisted the help of Penelope Monkhouse who lives in Germany hoping to find some German poets who were nurses during WW1 and she suggested Henriette Herdenberg.

Henriette Hardenberg (1894 - 1993) was the pen name of Margarete Rosenberg, a German-born Expressionist Poet, who nursed in a Berlin hospital during WW1.

As you know, during the course of my research, I have been taking note of the names of British, American and Australian women poets who were also nurses during WW1, so I am now widening my search.

As always, if you know of anyone I have not found so far, please let me know.

My grateful thanks to Penelope Monkhouse. for her kind help and support.

And thank you to Emma van Bijnen from Holland for her continuing support - all the best for your project Emma.