Wednesday, 10 July 2013


During the course of my on-going research I read many books.  As I was reading Vivien Noakes excellent "Voices of Silence The Alternative Book of First World War Poetry" (Sutton Publishing, Stroud, 2006), I discovered something interesting and began to hunt for more information.

That led to the discovery of another poet of the WW1 era I have never heard of  - "Bryher".

Born in Margate, Annie Winifred Ellerman (1894 - 1983) was the daughter of a shipowner who was at that time the wealthiest man in Britain. Annie chose the pen name of Bryher during a visit to the Scilly Isles in her youth.

I have found several more poets to add to my list and will produce another up-dated list within the next few weeks to include them all.

I hope by then to have found a few more countries to add as well.

Best wishes to you all.


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