Friday, 5 July 2013

To my friends in Newfoundland and in Scotland

I should like to thank Patrick O'Reilly and Lisa Banks from The Atlantic Poets' Archive, Canada for their wonderful help in finding me some women poets from Newfoundland.  I shall enjoy finding out about these new (to me) poets.

To my shame I had not realised until very recently that Newfoundland was separate from Canada during both the First and Second World Wars.   I have now put that right and will include in my notes a reference to Newfoundland's tremendous contribution to The First World War.

And thanks also to Lizzie MacGregor, who is Assistant Librarian at the Scottish Poetry Library in Edinburgh.  Lizzie has found me three Scottish poets I had not previously found, which is wonderful.

So my dear friends, the list grows daily.   I spent a happy hour over tea this beautiful sunny afternoon searching out some more poets for the list.

At some stage soon I shall have to stop searching and continue preparing panels for the Exhibition at the Ace Centre in Nelson, East Lancashire, UK from 15th August - 3rd September 2013 but it is quite difficult because I find the research so fascinating.

As many of you will know, if you have someone in mind you think deserves a mention but she is not a poet, I have a section entitled "Inspirational Women of World War One".  

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