Saturday, 7 November 2020

A New Book about WW1 female poet Nadja - later Nadja Malacrida - with her poems

2020 marks the 125th anniversary of the birth of the WW1 female poet who used the pen name 'Nadja’ and later became  Marchesa Nadja Malacrida (born Louisa Green  see  ) – and, while she probably wouldn’t still have been around today, her life would certainly have continued to be fascinating and enjoyable for many more years had she not been killed in a tragic car accident in 1934.

What better time, therefore, to gather all her published poems together in one single volume for the first time ever? These four original collections were all written over a century ago and have been practically unobtainable for many years without laying out a small fortune to a rare book dealer.

We have put them together here with a brief biography of the author, and a few photos and other bits and pieces, that we hope you will find of interest – and that Nadja herself would also approve of.

Annotated and illustrated with new a introduction & preface, author biography, appendices and 12 new photographs.

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