Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Nadja Malacrida's poem to say "Thank you" to all the troops from other countries who came to help Britain during WW1

Nadja Malacrida is one of my favourite WW1 female poets.  Here is a poem she wrote at the end of the war to say farewell to all those who helped Britain in her hour of need:

"A Farewell"

To you who came and fought with us, who dared
The danger with us, dying as we died
For honour, right, and liberty, who bared
Your swords for righteousness and, by our side,
Watched that grim line grow thinner and retreat
Beneath the fierceness of our blows;  to all
Of you be thanks.   The Victory is sweet
Because we fought together, and the call
We answered was the same.   So now to you
Who leave our shores we say, "God speed and bless
Your homeward path," that in this one Adieu
Our English hearts true friendship may express.

by Nadja Malacrida from her anthology "The Full Heart" published in 1919 by Arthur L. Humphreys of Piccadilly, London.

With thanks to Professor Brian Murdoch of Stirling University for bringing the works of Nadja Malacrida to my attention.