Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Kathleen Grant (1878 - 1924) - British

When it comes to research, Phil Dawes is definitely the 'super sleuth'.  Phil has found quite a bit of information about Kathleen. 

Gertrude Anna Sophia Kathleen Grant was born in Natal in South Africa - her father was Scottish and her mother, Mary Jane, was of Irish descent.  The family moved to Scotland and then to London.  When Kathleen's father died, her mother remarried and the family lived for a time in Kensington before moving to Bath and then to Cheltenham.  In Cheltenham, Kathleen lived at Keynsham Villa in London Road.   She wrote plays as well as poetry and raised money for the war effort during WW1.  

Kathleen died in Cheltenham in 1924.

With many thanks to Phil Dawes for finding this information.