Friday, 22 May 2015

Kathleen Grant - another poet to add to my list

The amazing thing about my First World War commemorative project is the way people from all over the world contact me through my weblog and send me interesting information.

Sue Light of the wonderful Scarlet Finders Website about nurses in the First World War - - recently sent me a delightful WW1 collection of poetry written by a lady called Kathleen Grant in 1914 – 1915 and published by Kathleen through Sherton’s printers and stationers  under the title ‘War Poems’.  Thank you so much Sue – this is a fantastic find and it was very kind of you to think of me.

It seems that Kathleen lived in Cheltenham because if you look at the poem she wrote about collecting for the war effort with her dog Pon-Pon, a black and white Pomeranian, she mentions ‘the Mayor of Cheltenham’.  The address on the end of some of Kathleen’s poems is Keynsham Villa.

If anyone in Cheltenham has any information about Kathleen Grant please get in touch.  Ideally, I would like a photograph and some biographical information about Kathleen.  Thank you.

Pon-Pon walks in the Prom. By Kathleen Grant

“Pom-Pom” walks in the Prom,

Put a penny, or a pound,

Anything that’s round.

He’s got a little black box on his back ;

Put it in gently, you’ll soon learn the knack.

Pom’s a pretty dog – “black and white,”

With his flags he’s a rattling good sight ;

His ribbons are sweet, it’s a dear dog you’ll meet,

He will beg – his job he’s not shunned !

With a box for the National Relief Fund.

So give him a chance, ladies and gentlemen, do !

And show the Mayor of Cheltenham

What Pon-Pon can do.

KATHLEEN GRANT, Keynsham Villa, September 1914